Our History

Often a Freemason is not sure the best way to serve. They don’t fit in with many men in their lodge. They ride motorcycles and enjoy the open road and the brotherhood motorcycling has to offer.  There is a group of guys that call themselves Widows Sons that often attracts these Masons, but often there isn’t a Chapter close enough.  That is how we started; back in 2015 a couple of Masons wondered how hard it would be to start a Chapter.  Many roadblocks came up, and They were told that it had already been tried and failed.  They tried and failed and then decided  in 2016 they wouldn’t take No for an answer.  They went to many local lodges and recruited.  They were able to start our Chapter, the Craftsmen. with our Charter Members being: Roger Ailabouni, Richard (Scott) Amrine, Andrew Penrod, Grant Wise, Mike Gooch, and John (Rick) Miller.  It wasn’t easy, and it was a long process, met with opposition, but they persisted, and their dream became a reality.  Now, we are a growing Chapter of Widows Sons that are making great strides to helping our community.  By the end of 2017 we had 13 members.  We’re proud to say we have donated thousands of dollars a year to our benefactors, and hope to include more every year.

In Memory of our Brothers & Sisters

William “Bill” Freutel March 5th, 2018
Richard “Scott” Amrine January 9th, 2019